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happy man in dental chairAt Hart Dental, we can help you say goodbye to drilling and filling because Curodont by vVardis from Switzerland has revolutionized how we heal cavities.

This groundbreaking dental treatment works on the open surfaces of teeth, both toward the face or tongue/palate, as well as between teeth surfaces. Unlike traditional methods, this dental treatment can be used when the cavities are still within the body of the enamel and have not reached the dentin layer, the second internal layer of the teeth.

No drilling required

One of the most remarkable aspects of Curodont is that it eliminates the need for drilling. It forms a gelatinous lattice within five minutes when applied to a cavity. This lattice then attracts the calcium and phosphates present in the individual’s saliva, effectively remineralizing the affected areas.

Remarkable results

Curodont can potentially remineralize cavities to such an extent that even on X-rays, the lesions may appear partially or fully healed. This means that the dark spots indicating cavities on X-rays would blend in with the rest of the enamel, giving a more uniform appearance.

The Healing Process

The process of remineralization with Curodont typically takes up to six months. However, it can be repeated if necessary, depending on the depth of the lesion. To enhance the chances of success, it is recommended to ensure that the mouth has an abundance of calcium and phosphates available in its saliva. Using toothpastes or mouthwashes with high concentrations of minerals, such as MI Paste & MI Paste Plus or vVardis HA fluoride toothpaste, can help prepare the mouth for this treatment.

Orthodontic Applications

Curodont is also beneficial for patients with orthodontic brackets, particularly children who develop white spots on their teeth during orthodontic treatment. Traditionally, we had to wait for the braces to come off before addressing these areas, but with Curodont, treatment can be applied while the patient still has braces on.

Requirements and Limitations

There are a few requirements and limitations to consider when opting for Curodont treatment. First, it is important not to undergo any teeth whitening procedures for the first six months after treatment to prevent the gelatinous lattice from disintegrating.

Additionally, this treatment is unsuitable for treating chewing surface pits, fissures, or decalcification around crowns, veneers, or other fillings. In such cases, other preventive measures like sealants, Silver Diamine Flouride (SDF), or preventive resin restorations (PRRs) may be recommended. The downside of the SDF treatment is it can stain cavities black.

Affordable and Accessible

Curodont also costs less than a regular filling. While fillings typically range from $200 to $500 per tooth, applying Curodont is priced at $150 per tooth.

However, please note that it is currently not eligible for insurance benefits due to the novelty of the technology and materials involved.

Achieve a Healthy Smile Without the Anxiety

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