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Teeth Whitening Barrington

Teeth Whitening BarringtonAt Hart Dental, we provide a variety of solutions to help you gain a smile that you adore. With so many services available, we can help you boost your self-confidence and love to show off your healthy, gorgeous teeth. Our customized approach to dentistry means that we’ll adapt to your particular needs, giving you the treatment you need and want.

Your Whitening Choices

If you’ve noticed that your teeth just aren’t as bright as they used to be, teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can be done at home or in our office. We have five different options when it comes to brightening your smile:

Opalescence Go® strips – These simple, affordable strips are available in mini-packs of 4 or 10. They’ll give your teeth a lighter form of whitening. We include them as part of your whitening process when done in the office, but they’re also available on their own for a small whitening boost.

How To Use Opalescence Go Strips »

Opalescence take-home trays. We’ll custom-make whitening trays that fit comfortable in your mouth. You’ll receive syringes with the appropriate concentration of whitening and can wear your trays at home when it’s convenient for you. If you have sensitive teeth, we’ll provide you with a weaker strength of whitening solution.

Opalescence in-office whitening. This involves the highest concentration of whitening gel. Since it’s professional-grade, this option will give you the most dramatic results. We’ll isolate your gums, apply the gel and let the solution go to work. You’ll relax and watch television for 30-60 minutes and leave with your sparkling white smile. Opalescence in-office whitening is great for patients that have sensitive teeth.

We’ll give you some take-home whitening strips so that you can boost your initial results about a week after you’ve had your procedure.

kor whitening logoKöR Whitening take-trays. – The KöR system works to restore your teeth’s natural youthful ability to restore oxygen. This allows the whitening gel to be deeply absorbed into your teeth, erasing stains on a molecular level. This is a take home option that involves our team making you custom fit trays. We’ll provide you with the advanced gel and select your goal shade. Next, you’ll sleep in the trays for two weeks with the gel applied. After that time, you’ll have a noticeable brighter smile with ease!

KöR Whitening in-office whitening – For patients looking for an added whitening boost, the KöR system can include 1-2 whitening sessions in the practice. Remember, this is the only system in the world that is recognized to lighten tetracycline (dark) stained teeth. During the in-office session, you’ll relax while the whitening gel brightens your teeth-the gel used in the practice will be stronger than what is provided to you for at-home maintenance.

The best part? The results from KöR can be easily maintained. For those patients that have not had success with traditional whitening methods, we recommend KöR Whitening to give your smile the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for.

Ask us if KöR is right for you at your next appointment!

Offering Patients the Best Options

We’ve tried out a broad array of whitening products and chosen what we felt gave our patients the best results with reduced sensitivity afterward. Opalescence and KöR contains a desensitizing ingredient so you won’t have to worry about discomfort when you’ve completed your procedure.

If you have used Opalescence and not achieved the results you wanted, we then recommend KöR whitening, which can be done in-office or worn during sleeping hours. KöR can restore the brighter look you want if your initial procedure doesn’t get you to where you’d like to be.

Single Tooth Internal Bleaching

Internal bleaching is a means of whitening a single tooth from the inside out. First, root canal treatment is performed to take out any infected pulp. The next step involves placing sodium perborate paste deep inside of the tooth. This material reacts with stains and breaks up their particles, making the teeth look whiter.

In addition to being used after root canal work, internal bleaching also can be used for
necrosis (discolored dead teeth) or intrapulpal hemorrhage (bleeding inside the tooth). Up to six visits may be required.

Not only can internal bleaching enhance the appearance of your smile, but it also can improve your oral health.

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