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Pediatric Dentistry Barrington

Little girl flossing teethFrom the time your child gets their first tooth, you do everything to make sure their smile is protected. You limit their sugar intake, show them how to brush and floss and hope they don’t need extensive dental work. At Hart Dental, we do our part by teaching your child healthy early habits at a young age and helping them enjoy their regular dental checkups.

The many pediatric dentistry services we offer include

We now offer two options for pediatric crowns. The traditional stainless steel crown and the NuSmile BioFlx white crown. We recommend crowns when baby teeth need a baby root canal, called a pulpotomy or when the filling extends to multiple surfaces, as those fillings tend to get recurrent decay or break very very often.

An Extra Measure of Cavity Protection

It’s well-documented that silver diamine fluoride can prevent cavities and even stop them in their tracks, according to recent research. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the use of silver diamine fluoride to treat active cavities for children, and it can be further used as an alternative to the traditional “drill and fill” approach to cavities. It’s simply applied to the cavity, and the decay will be eliminated.

There’s no reason for a child to feel nervous about their visits when they know they’ll be comfortable and pain-free. If you’ve been searching for a pediatric dentist, contact us today to book a time! We offer Saturday appointments and late opening hours that work around their school schedule.

Meet Our Pediatric Dentists

Dr. Mark White and Dr. Majd Alsaleh provide gentle dental care to help our youngest patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. Kind, compassionate and reassuring, our dentists help put little ones at ease from the very first appointment. Dr. White and Dr. Alsaleh look forward to helping your children enjoy optimal oral health at every stage.

If you need a pediatric dentist, this is the place. Great service, super knowledgeable and the kids love it there.”
Deana L.

A Friendly Place for Children

We know that if we help your child to have a pleasant experience, they won’t grow up with any anxiety or nervousness about dental visits. It’s our pleasure to speak to them on a level that they’ll understand, involving them in their care and helping them enjoy their time with us.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment! We accept most insurances in our area, including PPO plans. For those without coverage, you can take advantage of our 0% financing payment plans.


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